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Waters in the Gulf of Mexico had record-breaking high temperatures in the weeks before Hurricane Harvey in Aug. 2017. A
The National Park Service and the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) are providing $2.6 million in Maritime Heritage Grants
Argo is an array of more than 3,800 floats that are freely drifting around the globe to measure the temperature,
U.K. and Netherlands-based subsea provider N-Sea has secured a contract estimated to be in excess of €6 million with National
The Horizon 2020 Columbus project released a guide that shares best practices, highlights bottlenecks and provides recommendations for successful knowledge
Women Offshore, an online organization promoting a diverse ocean workforce, reported that, "of the 1.6 million seafarers worldwide, there are
Chesapeake Technology Inc. announced the immediate availability of SonarWiz licenses that do not require a dongle. In what may be
Starting this week, anyone can eavesdrop on sounds in the deep sea via a continuous streaming YouTube video that carries
Global inspection and certification provider Bureau Veritas has awarded "approval in principal" to a new vessel concept design that could
Houston Mechatronics announced a new subsea robot, Aquanaut, a multipurpose subsea robot that employs a shape-shifting transformation from an AUV to an