pH Sensor Tech Collaboration

ANB Sensors, the creator and manufacturer of a revolutionary pH sensor that requires no calibration, has a new tech collaboration with Obscape BV, a provider of real-time systems for environmental and industrial observations.

The partnership between Obscape and ANB Sensors introduces a game-changing solution that enables users to deploy ANB’s accurate, robust and calibration-free pH sensors remotely. Through the Obscape Data Portal, users can now access real-time data parameters conveniently and effortlessly. This intuitive map-based interface empowers users to effectively manage their data, devices and operations in one integrated platform.

By combining the cutting-edge pH sensor technology from ANB Sensors with Obscape’s expertise in real-time systems, this collaboration opens up new possibilities for remote monitoring and data management in various industries. ANB Sensors and Obscape BV are committed to pushing the boundaries of sensor technology and data management, empowering industries with innovative solutions for environmental and industrial observations.

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