Start-up Funding Opportunity

AUVSI Novus Unmanned is calling all start-ups (seed, Series-A, B, C or restart) in the unmanned systems and autonomous technologies space who are seeking new investment to start or grow to the next level.

Apply now for a chance to pitch to top investors to raise institutional investment of up to $20 million.

The deadline is September 1.

Learn more here.

Live-Streaming Underwater


Tommy Riparetti hopes to captivate Web viewers with lively commentary from a media control room on the EV Nautilus research ship as the ROVs Hercules and Argus explore new ocean depths of the Cordell Bank, a marine sanctuary off the coast of San Francisco.

A science communication fellow for the Nautilus Exploration Program, Riparetti will be sitting next to scientists and ROV pilots as they conduct research and exploration. Riparetti’s job is to follow the deep-sea footage, ask the team questions and explain what’s happening to people watching live-streaming video on the Nautilus Live website.

ST July 2017 Issue

ST July 2017

Our July issue is now available digitally. Sign up for the e-book here.

CNR Concept Challenge Finalists

Naval Future Force.jpg

The finalists of the CNR Concept Challenge–a historic call for innovative ideas to support the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps of the future–were announced at the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo in Washington, D.C.

The finalists include  Benjamin Conley, for enhancements to existing thermal-imaging capabilities; Joe Kennedy, for a prototype system that assesses various sources of position, navigating and timing data; and Jim Coward, for a supercontinuum laser source for shipboard protection.

Floating Island Concept Tested

floating islands

MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) has tested an innovative concept for a floating mega island. The island comprises 87 large floating triangles that are connected to one another. Together they form a flexible floating island that can be as large as 1 to 5 km in cross-section.

Floating mega islands offer future-proof living and working space at sea for: developing, generating, storing and maintaining sustainable energy (offshore wind, tidal energy, wave energy and floating solar panels); loading and trans-shipping cargo in coastal areas where there is little infrastructure; cultivating food, such as seaweed and fish; and building houses and recreation close to the water.

Keuka Moves into Offshore Wind


Keuka Research & Development, of the Keuka Energy Group of Companies, has moved from R&D into the U.S. offshore wind arena. The 175-MW wind-power generation project, now under construction at its facility in Palatka, Florida, will soon be based out of Green Cove Springs, Florida. Project completion is scheduled for 2023, at which time it is expected to produce the first utility-scale stored energy. It will also be the first offshore project to produce liquid air instead of electricity.

Testing of the first cold-store working unit will happen by June 2018.

ABS and Bureau Veritas are in the concept design review process of both Keuka Energy’s V-shaped liquid air storage/wind turbine platform, which will be anchored well offshore, and its 300-ton hybrid service vessel, the Tara Allen, which went under construction in 2015 at the Palatka facility.