UDT exhibition for undersea defense from May 26-28
UDT features a three-day exhibition packed with organisations operating in undersea defence and security domains.


February 24-27—Canadian Hydrographic Conference, Quebec, Canada. or



March 9-10—World Ocean Summit, Tokyo, Japan. +971 552215208, or

March 17-19—Oceanology International, London, England. +44 (0)20 82712133 or

March 23-25—International Lidar Mapping Forum, Washington, D.C. 800-803-5804, or

March 24-26—Challenge of Science Leadership Training, Cambridge, England. or

March 25—AUVSI Hill Day, or

March 31-April 1—Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit, Houston, Texas.



April 6-9—OCEANS 2020 Singapore, Singapore. or

April 13-16—MTS Buoy Workshop, Wilmington, North Carolina.

April 21-24—International Partnering Forum on Offshore Wind, Providence, Rhode Island.



May 4-7—AUVSI XPONENTIAL, Boston, Massachusetts. or

May 4-7—Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas. 972-952-9494, or

May 6-7—Remote Hydrography Conference, Southampton, England. or

May 18-19—Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

May 19-21—International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE), Washington, D.C.

May 19-21—MegaRust, San Diego, California. 703-836-6727, or

May 19-21—OceanTech Program, Zhoushan, China. +852 2881 5889

May 26-28—UDT, Rotterdam, Netherlands.



June 3-4—LNG Latin America 2020 International Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

June 9-11—CLEAN PACIFIC, Seattle, Washington.

June 9-11—Seawork, Southampton, England.

June 10-11—BlueTech Expo, Washington, D.C.  772-485-0333, or

June 16-18—Technology, Systems & Ships, Washington, D.C.

June 29-30—Navy Contracting Summit, Norfolk, Virginia.



July 15-16—American Society of Naval Engineers Multi-Agency Craft Conference, Baltimore, Maryland. 703-836-6727, or



September 7-9—Oceanology International Middle East, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. +971 2 491 7615, or

September 14-17—Fleet Maintenance and Modernization Symposium, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

September 21-25—NMEA/RTCM Conference & Expo, Orlando, Florida. 410-975-9425 or



October 11-16—SEG, Houston, Texas. or

October 19-22—OCEANS 2020 Gulf Coast, Biloxi, Mississippi.

October 20-21—CLEAN GULF, San Antonio, Texas. 713-343-1878, or

October 20-23—EURONAVAL, Paris Le Bourget, France.  +33 01 56 59 15 15, or

Offshore Energy 2020, October 26-28, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. +31 (0) 10 209 2600, or



November 2-4—MAST Asia, Tokyo, Japan.