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Obscape Wave Buoy

The Obscape Wave Buoy has been developed using the same wireless, solar-powered technology within Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module (PTM), which serves as a common solar-powered and wireless mounting platform to which various sensors can be added. Like the PTM, the buoy is rugged, lightweight, reliable and affordable. The Wave Buoy uses a combination of motion sensors and an electronic

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Integrating Machine Learning for Fleet Management

i4 Insight GreenSteam

i4 Insight, creators of a platform that provides a single point of access for multiple data streamsand applications, providing a holistic view of ship and fleet operations, is partnering withGreenSteam, a leader in vessel-based machine learning for hull and improved vesselperformance. This partnership looks to provide solutions that will help drive reductions ingreenhouse gas emissions and cut operating costs. The

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