First UK Approval for Remote Inspection Techniques

3D scanning specialist Viewport3 has become the first business in the U.K. to be approved for remote inspection techniques (RIT) using underwater photogrammetry by Lloyd’s Register (LR). The certification was granted following a successful offshore project, along with an onshore validation trial, which involved using photogrammetry to verify mooring chain link critical dimensions to a submillimetric level, a level of accuracy and data density that far exceeds those attained by traditional approaches. As a result, the Viewport3 team has developed new reporting methods that better suit the high-resolution 3D replica of mooring links that meet the requirements of both field operator and statutory inspection regulations.

During the same campaign, Viewport3 also deployed a modified version of its subsea capture system to measure anomalies on several fairlead assemblies. Due to the location of the anomalies, this scanning activity needed to take place between the back plate of the fairlead and the mooring line itself. This was successfully achieved through collaboration with the remote offshore vehicle team and the offshore Viewport3 personnel, using the modified system to illuminate and capture the extremely tight-access areas.

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