UN Makes a Business Plan for Sustainable Ocean Management

Image Credit: NASA/GSFC

The United Nations Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business launched on June 8, World Oceans Day, at UN headquarters in New York. The three-year program convenes leaders in ocean industries along with the UN, world governments, academia and civil society to work toward the sustainable use of the oceans.

Lloyd’s Register, which has joined as a founding member of the group, reports:

“Oceans cover two thirds of the world’s surface but the threats they are facing have put them at risk. By 2050 our oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish, and more than 90% of coral reefs are at risk of dying off… The world’s ocean is our greatest common resource with a significant potential to create more sustainable food, energy, transport and minerals for a growing world.”

The UN Group for Sustainable Ocean business will develop a business leadership framework focused on growth, innovation and sustainability of the ocean, with a specific goal to scale-up the commitments and performance of companies on this critical agenda. It aims to mobilize the private sector to take tangible action, make investments and form partnerships to ensure the oceans are sustainably managed.

Learn more about the United Nations Global Compact: Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business.



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