Touch-Up, Repair for Navy Ships

Naval vessels at sea are constantly exposed to a harsh environment, including saltwater, rain, hail, and extreme heat and cold. Sailors battle the elements with a routine of daily shipboard maintenance including painting, touch-ups and repairs.

Historically, touch-up paint solutions involve time consuming and inaccurate hand mixing and frequently result in surplus unused mixed paint that must be disposed.

Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc.’s MIXPAC MixCoat Flex and MixCoat Spray cartridge-based, two-component dispensing systems are ideal for touch-up and repair work of weld seams and difficult-to-reach areas on Navy ships. With their consistent mix quality, the systems reduce labor time and increase efficiency by decreasing the need for hand painting. The proper ratio is dispensed into the static mixer, so it can be consistently mixed, and cartridges can be resealed and stored for later use, so nothing goes to waste.

MixCoat Flex suits naval coating applications in areas with limited accessibility for standard spray equipment. It offers maximum flexibility to reach into tight and angled spaces, like tanks and bilges, and in an around tight areas for weld seams, eye beams, nuts, bolts and rivets. The hose enables workers to spray all these angles and tough-to-reach areas instead of painting them by hand with a brush. 

The MixCoat Spray model is a portable pneumatic dispensing system designed for small-volume applications, touch-up and repairs. Unlike large and expensive plural-component spray equipment that is difficult to transport, the MixCoat Spray system is extremely lightweight and maneuverable, fast and easy to assemble, and easy to clean up and break down, so users lose very little time for the maintenance cycle.

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