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Obscape Wave Buoy

The Obscape Wave Buoy has been developed using the same wireless, solar-powered technology within Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module (PTM), which serves as a common solar-powered and wireless mounting platform to which various sensors can be added. Like the PTM, the buoy is rugged, lightweight, reliable and affordable. The Wave Buoy uses a combination of motion sensors and an electronic

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Water Power Industry Worth $66 Billion by 2038

A new report, “Wave, Tidal and Hydro Power 1W-10MW 2018-2038,” reveals that opportunities and progress in wave power are greater than is commonly portrayed. Zero emission desalination, aquaculture, ships, seafloor mining, smart buoys, oil and gas subsea without umbilicals, ocean monitoring, microgrids and minigrids are all part of the picture for river and ocean electricity technology and markets. These technologies

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