Obscape Wave Buoy

The Obscape Wave Buoy has been developed using the same wireless, solar-powered technology within Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module (PTM), which serves as a common solar-powered and wireless mounting platform to which various sensors can be added. Like the PTM, the buoy is rugged, lightweight, reliable and affordable. The Wave Buoy uses a combination of motion sensors and an electronic compass to accurately measure a range of bulk wave parameters, such as significant wave height, wave period and wave direction.

Obscape B.V. offer a range of wireless, solar-powered, monitoring solutions that are reliable, easy to use and cost effective. Applications include real-time remote observations in the environmental and water sectors, such as measuring waves, water levels, viewing time-lapse images, and monitoring metweather conditions and water quality.

Obscape’s portfolio is based on its PTM, which can host a range of sensors, including those of third-party manufacturers, that can communicate in real time with satellite or cellular connections through the Obscape data portal. By consolidating various measurements into a single portal, a large network of affordable devices can easily be monitored and maintained. Graphics, charts, and setting thresholds and alerts are some of the features available. The Obscape data portal is provided for free to customers without need for a subscription or a license.

Learn more at www.obscape.com, or email paul@obscape.com.

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