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Autonomous Wave Gliders Document Hawaiian Volcano

On May 3, 2018 the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted. Over the following months, Liquid Robotics Wave Gliders were deployed to capture live ocean data close to where lava was flowing into the ocean from the volcano. By using unmanned technology, scientists had the rare opportunity to study the effects of the lava entering the ocean, the plume it creates

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Electromagnetic Telemetry Aids Wireless Transmission of Well Pressure Data

Oilfield services company Expro reported the first wireless transmission of reservoir pressure data to the surface from an abandoned subsea appraisal well with a rock-to-rock cement plug. Expro offers an explanation of the transmission process from the well: The Expro cableless telemetry system (CaTS) with wireless gauges using electromagnetic (EM) technology was installed in the reservoir of the main bore,

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