FlashTrak Maritime Service Offers Improved Supply Chain Visibility

DeltaTrak®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions, announces new FlashTrak Maritime Service, providing exporters and importers with shipment location visibility while at sea.

Knowing the location of a shipment, the estimated time of arrival (ETA), and delayed arrival period from the original schedule, allows for advanced insurance claims notification, scheduling of inspections and customer pick-ups. This empowers decision-makers to quickly make informed decisions regarding cargo disposition.

FlashTrak’s Maritime Service tracks shipments by using GPS positioning and automatic identification systems to show vessel location. Given the current state of supply chains around the world, having container visibility is extremely important. Typically, once a container leaves the port, its whereabouts are unknown. However, with maritime tracking, DeltaTrak customers can confidently proceed with business, knowing that should an unforeseen situation arise, they have the information necessary to take immediate action.

This new service provides FlashTrak subscribers with end-to-end temperature and location data during ground and ocean transport. Other sensor data such as humidity, light, and shock are also available, depending on the Real-Time Logger model used.

Frederick Wu, CEO and founder of DeltaTrak, shared, “We pride ourselves in offering innovative technology solutions that enhance the value of our service, setting us apart in the industry. We believe this new maritime service will provide more confidence and significant value to our customers, protecting their cargo during this disruptive global supply chain situation. We are offering a free beta trial of this service to our customers.”

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