Shore-Side Charging in San Diego

Crowley and the Port of San Diego have broken ground for the shore-side charging station designed to provide clean energy for the company’s forth-coming zero-emissions tugboat, eWolf.

The charging station is a microgrid charging facility that will enable vessels to recharge quickly while reducing peak loads on the community energy grid. It is equipped with two containerized energy storage systems provided by Corvus Energy. The station is designed to operate on off-peak hours from the community’s energy grid, and it includes a solar power array to support renewable energy use. The technology is also designed to support other electric equipment and vehicle operations, if needed.

Each energy container will house battery modules with storage capacity of almost 1.5 MWh, for a total capacity of 2,990 kW. The station will be equipped with battery monitoring system, HVAC, and firefighting and detection technology.

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