S-100 Hydrographic Data Management System

SevenCs has launched the S-100 Data Management System (SDMS), designed to help organizations better manage their S-57/ S-100 data sets and comply with the standards. SDMS is the future of hydrographic data management, especially when S-100 products take center stage.

Manufacturers of electronic navigation charts can apply predefined workflows to ensure that the ENC quality assurance process is as compliant as possible with standards.

The system consists of a core module that controls individual processes, takes care of user rights management and guides workflows.

Additional functional modules take care of individual tasks, including validation, visualization and data import in the current version. Data conversion and data encryption will appear in the next version of SDMS; these modules can currently be added separately to the main module.

SDMS works as a cloud service or in a local network and can be used on a desktop computer. A log provides user activity reporting.

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