Optical Dissolved Oxygen Logger Allows Long-Term Deployment

RBR released the RBRduet³ T.ODO optical dissolved oxygen logger for applications down to 6,000 m. The optical oxygen sensor provides high stability for very long deployments where accurate dissolved oxygen concentration and saturation measurements are critical. Its marine thermistor provides a high accuracy temperature measurement.

The fast version of the RBRduet³ has a 1 s time constant for dissolved oxygen measurements on profiling or moving platforms. The slow version has a protective layer over the optical foil to allow it to be wiped of biofouling for long-term moored applications. Its compact size and self-logging ability is versatile and enables dissolved oxygen measurements in a variety of applications including oceanographic moorings, fishery studies, benthic pods and non-integrated attachments on AUVs, glides and profiling floats. —RBR Ltd.

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