NFTs for Marine Biodiversity

Ocean Collective—a global network of filmmakers—will collaborate with blockchain partner Polygon Studios and production company Eyeforce to launch digital artwork in the form of NFTs that depicts animals from the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species.

The NFTs are slated to fund an inspirational and educational documentary series, as well as projects that will have a direct positive impact on the state of the ocean.

The digital artwork approach was chosen because of its exponential growth during 2021, when market sales reached $25 billion, making 2021 the most successful year for NFTs to date. Industry giants have invested thousands of dollars into tokens, while other major companies have launched NFTs of their own.

The digital artwork collection, created by the artist MelodySheep, represents what the team of Ocean Collective refers to as the “Museum of Extinction.” The aim of the initiative is to depict a grim future that may become a reality within our lifetime, if necessary actions are not taken in time.

The digital artwork drop will happen in three stages. The first batch of digital artwork containing “vulnerable species” from IUCN’s Red List launched April 19 on the Open Sea marketplace. “Endangered species” will be available for purchase April 21, and the “critically endangered species” are set to drop on April 22. The entire artwork collection can be viewed on the official website of the NFT drop.

See a video about “Museum of Extinction” here.

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