Missing Argentine Submarine Found

EdgeTech 2205 sonar image of ARA San Juan at a frequency of 230 kHz at 400-m-range scale. (Image Credit: Ocean Infinity)

The Argentine submarine, ARA San Juan, which went missing last year with 44 crew members on board, has been found 900 meters deep in the water off the coast of Chubut Province, Argentina.

The deep water search was performed by Ocean Infinity and its fleet of 6,000-m-rated AUVs equipped with EdgeTech 2205 side scan sonars.  EdgeTech’s tri-frequency side scan sonar-frequency combination of 75 / 230 / 410 kHz enables the host AUV to perform long-range searches in deep water, with the middle and higher frequencies providing added resolution for better target identification.  The ARA San Juan was imaged by the EdgeTech sonar operating at a frequency of 230 kHz and a 400-m range scale. —EdgeTech




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