IMEA Seeks Board Members, Donors and Partners Worldwide

The International Marine Electronics Alliance, Inc. (IMEA), which is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation affiliated with the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA), is actively seeking board members, donors and partners to further its mission of marine electronics safety and education. IMEA collaborates with other nonprofit associations and government agencies worldwide to advance relevant education, scientific knowledge and testing of marine electronics.

The current IMEA board of directors includes the following industry experts: Chairperson Johnny Lindstrom of Westport Yachts and Directors Brian Tetreault of the Army Corps of Engineers; Ben Ellison of Panbo; Phil Whitehurst of Actisense UK; Yung Ho, YU, PhD of MEIPA, South Korea; and Sean Hatherley of Navico.

IMEA has established a “SAFE” campaign which focuses on safety through developing standards that promote safe interoperation of marine electronics, forming alliances with industry partners, funding initiatives and education.

The IMEA plans to provide educational programs that will enable military service veterans to transition into the marine electronics workforce. This could involve establishment of an apprenticeship program through collaboration with stakeholders in the industry as well as cooperation with vocational institutions and advanced training programs for current employees. —IMEA

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