Fugro, AD Ports Group to Advance USVs in UAE

Fugro and AD Ports Group have formalized a collaborative relationship through the signing of an agreement that sets out combined goals to utilize remote and autonomous technologies in the region.

The agreement addresses strategic pillars that Fugro and AD Ports Group will tackle together to make Fugro’s USV technologies a successful addition to the region. These pillars include: jointly developing procedures for the use and implementation of USVs in accordance with the requirements of the United Arab Emirates (UAE); establishing an approved remote and autonomous testing site for USVs; and creating an industry-compliant training program for Emirati nationals and international mariners covering the operation of USVs or marine autonomous surface ships (MASS).

Automation and the use of remote technologies in the maritime sector can allow vessels and vehicles to operate more efficiently, with greater operational safety, and reduce operational costs. In the case of offshore vessels, automation enables vessels to operate safely in adverse weather conditions.

Since up to 96 percent of marine casualties typically result from human error, increased use of automation in the maritime sector also has the potential to increase safety and reduce accidents.

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