Valeport Supports Mayflower Autonomous Ship

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS), which is set to self-navigate across the Atlantic autonomously in spring 2021, will be fitted with the new Valeport uvSVX and a Valeport altimeter to provide vital precise underwater depth data to help protect the vessel and the onboard technology on its epic journey.

Sailing from Plymouth, U.K., to Plymouth, U.S., MAS will trace the route of the original 1620 Mayflower to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the famous voyage. With no human captain or crew, it will become one of the first full-size, fully autonomous vessels to cross the Atlantic.

Powered by a hybrid wind, solar and diesel propulsion system, MAS will carry research pods for sensors and scientific instrumentation. Scientists coordinated by ProMare, with support from IBM, will use the data from the research pods to advance understanding in several areas, including: maritime cybersecurity, marine mammal monitoring, sea level mapping and ocean plastics.

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