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Valeport Supports Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Mayflower Autonomous Ship

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS), which is set to self-navigate across the Atlantic autonomously in spring 2021, will be fitted with the new Valeport uvSVX and a Valeport altimeter to provide vital precise underwater depth data to help protect the vessel and the onboard technology on its epic journey. Sailing from Plymouth, U.K., to Plymouth, U.S., MAS will trace the route of the

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IMUs Chosen for Mayflower Autonomous Ship

AMU30 Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Two Silicon Sensing Systems AMU30 inertial measurement units (IMUs) will provide critical navigation data to the autopilot capability for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) throughout its milestone trans-Atlantic voyage this autumn. Setting sail this September, the 15-m-long, 5-ton MAS400 will repeat the Mayflower’s original epic voyage 400 years ago. Led by marine research organization ProMare and powered by IBM, it

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