Sustainable Scallop Harvesting in Arctic

Norwegian company Tau Tech, with its vessel Arctic Pearl, is set to begin sustainable scallop harvesting in the Barents Sea, using Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress to deliver a consistent, stable, uninterrupted quality of service and seamless high-speed network coverage in the Arctic.
Traditional seabed dredging of scallops has not been allowed by Norwegian authorities for 30 years, due to its damaging effects on marine ecosystems. In cooperation with the Institute of Marine Research, the Directorate of Fisheries and other leading marine experts, Tau Tech has proven over the past five years that its innovative technology makes it possible to identify, select and sort shells without destroying surrounding vegetation and marine life. The company’s pioneering approach to scallop harvesting will commence in autumn and aims to revive the harvesting of the valuable seafood resource at a commercial scale.

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