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Bulk and Tanker Fleet Receives Vessel Position Data System

BigOceanData has delivered a bespoke package to YA-SA Ship Management & Trading S.A., based in Istanbul, Turkey. Following a successful initial trial on five vessels, BigOceanData (BOD) has been awarded a fleet monitoring services contract for an initial year. The service provided to the YA-SA fleet of 26 bulk and tanker vessels fuses data from terrestrial and satellite AIS together with

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Naval Dome Hacks into Ships’ Systems to Prove Cyber Vulnerabilities

Naval Dome’s cyber engineering team hacked into live, in-operation systems used to control ships’ navigation, radar, engines, pumps and machinery, a test that revealed the ease with which hackers can access and override ships’ critical systems. While the tests were performed with permission and under the supervision of system manufacturers, and the ships were not in any danger, Naval Dome was

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