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5720 Flow Adaptor Module

Oceanic Systems UK Ltd 5720 NMEA2000 flow adaptor module

Oceanic Systems (UK) Ltd. has released a brand new product, the 5720 NMEA2000 Flow Adaptor Module, which is designed to report fuel flow and usage over the NMEA2000 network using positive displacement flow meters. These high-accuracy sensors connect directly to the 5720 using IP68-rated standard Deutsch connectors. The 5720 is compatible with sensors having a single pulsed output, as well as those

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OceanScan-MST Uses iXblue Phins for Lightweight AUVs

iXblue’s Phins Compact Series has been selected by OceanScan-MST, the Portugal-based manufacturer of the lightweight, cost-effective AUV (LAUV), to equip three new vehicles. To respond to end-user demand for a higher position accuracy with a small size factor and lower cost, OceanScan-MST opted for the Phins C3. Built on iXblue’s fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology, the Phins compact series is a

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Virtual Immersion Goes Beyond the Surface with Underwater Drones

Christine Spiten is the 27 year old co-founder and chief global strategist of Blueye Robotics, a company making underwater drones that connect with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or a pair of goggles to explore the marine environment 150 meters underwater. Sea Technology caught up with Spiten just a few hours after she emerged from an underwater adventure in the fjords

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