IMUs Chosen for Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Two Silicon Sensing Systems AMU30 inertial measurement units (IMUs) will provide critical navigation data to the autopilot capability for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) throughout its milestone trans-Atlantic voyage this autumn.

Setting sail this September, the 15-m-long, 5-ton MAS400 will repeat the Mayflower’s original epic voyage 400 years ago. Led by marine research organization ProMare and powered by IBM, it will sail from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, using computer vision, machine learning, edge technologies and sensors to navigate and detect hazards.

The voyage is expected to take just 12 days, compared to the 66 days of the voyage four centuries ago.

Data will be collected for research in maritime cybersecurity, marine mammal monitoring, ocean microplastic analysis and sea level mapping during the voyage.

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