Subsea Europe Services’ MANTAS T12 USV Ready for Survey Rental

Marine survey systems, services and solutions specialist Subsea Europe Services has opened the rental book on its next-generation USV for marine data acquisition to IHO S-44 standards, ready for surveying this summer.

Built by Florida-based USV manufacturer MARTAC Systems Inc., featuring Subsea Europe Services integrated Hydroacoustic Survey System (iHSS), the MANTAS T12 is a lightweight, fast and agile vehicle, able to be deployed from
any vessel with even the smallest deck crane.

At 12 ft. long, with a draft of just 7 in. and an all-electric motor and propulsion system, the MANTAS T12 can perform even under the harshest conditions and strong currents. In comparison to the process of mobilizing a crewed and expert-staffed survey vessel, the speed and operational flexibility of the MANTAS T12 can significantly reduce the costs of marine data acquisition and allow for higher utilization.

The cost per data package can be reduced further still when using a swarm of MANTAS T12 USVs. MARTAC has already successfully demonstrated hydrographic USV swarms in multiple exercises, showing that synchronized unmanned platforms can survey an area of the seafloor many times faster than a single manned platform.

Watch a video of the USV on the water here.

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