Shortlist for Ocean Startup Challenge

After 158 applications flooded in for the Ocean Startup Challenge, the industry reviewers have shortlisted 31 companies to vie for 10 prizes of $25,000 and in-kind support from partners. 

The shortlisted solutions involve environmental monitoring, reducing marine mammal entanglement in fishing gear, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, technologies to reduce corrosion and biofouling, networks of sensors and analysis tools, sustainable bait alternatives, vision systems, underwater communications and IoT networks, value-added byproducts, fish health, and much more.

Nearly two-thirds of shortlisted companies proposed ways to overcome challenges in fisheries and aquaculture. Many of them touched on other challenge areas too, including a fifth of the applicants bringing forward solutions to address healthier oceans, more sustainable transport and enabling technologies. Additionally, several proposals included solutions to topics in the bioscience and energy challenge areas.

All the shortlisted companies are encouraged to attend invitation-only, virtual bootcamps and will stand to benefit from guidance and support from partnering organizations in the Atlantic Canadian ecosystem. The training is designed to arm the innovators and entrepreneurs with the skills to get their solutions to the next stage and prepare for pitch sessions to the final judges. 

For a short description of each company’s technology and where they are located, visit The shortlisted companies are:  

  • 3F Waste Recovery (Main Brook, NL)
  • Acoustic Bait Technologies (Antigonish, NS)
  • Aquafort (St. John’s, NL)
  • Blue Lion Labs (Waterloo, ON)
  • Copsys Industries Inc. (Halifax, NS)
  • Dartmouth Ocean Technologies (Dartmouth, NS)
  • Ghost Fishing Busters (Porters Lake, NS)
  • Glas Ocean Electric (Halifax, NS)
  • Grand River Robotics (Waterloo, ON)
  • Greenoil Solutions (Frasers Mountain, NS)
  • Harmony Desal (Cambridge, MA)
  • HydroNet (Menlo Park, CA)
  • Impactful Health Research and Development Inc. (Montréal, QC)
  • In Nature Robotics (Hanwell, NB)
  • Kavacha (Canoe Cove, PE)
  • Marecomms Inc. (Halifax, NS)
  • Marimetrics Technologies Inc. (Dartmouth, NS)
  • Orcinus Technologies (St. John’s, NL)
  • Pelagis Data Solutions (Point Edward, NS)
  • Planetary Hydrogen Inc. (Gatineau, QC)
  • Polyamyna Nanotech (St. John’s, NL)
  • Prosaris Solutions (Hammonds Plains, NS)
  • qualiTEAS (St. John’s, NL)
  • SeaChange Biochemistry Inc. (Clark’s Harbour, NS)
  • SeaHawk Robotics (Vancouver, BC)
  • Sedna Technologies (Dartmouth, NS)
  • Sentry: Water Monitoring and Control (Charlottetown, PE)
  • Subait Inc. (Dartmouth, NS)
  • Tracker Inventory Systems (Sydney, NS)
  • Virgil Group LLC (Washington, D.C.)
  • WeavAir (Toronto, ON)

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