SharkCam Reveals Secret Lives of Basking Sharks in UK

The REMUS SharkCam is programmed to follow a specially designed tag placed on a shark and can predict where the animal will go and follow along at a safe distance. (Credit: Amy Kukulya, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

An AUV known as the REMUS SharkCam has been used in the U.K. for the first time to observe the behavior of basking sharks in the Inner Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland.

The groundbreaking technology, designed and built by the Oceanographic Systems Laboratory at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), is set to reveal the secret lives of the world’s second largest fish—a species that little is known about, despite being prevalent in the region’s waters.

The research team, which included colleagues from the University of Exeter, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Sky Ocean Rescue and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), hopes the stunning images captured by the AUV will strengthen the case for creating the world’s first protected area for basking sharks in this part of the sea.

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