Seychelles Chooses Satlink to Monitor Fisheries

The Seychelles government has chosen the technology of Spanish company Satlink to digitally monitor the catches of its fishing fleet, with the aim of strengthening and ensuring the long-term sustainability of its activity. This is part of a joint effort with the tuna fleet operating in the Indian Ocean, which advocates for demonstrating transparency and good practices of its crew.

Satlink will provide the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) with one of the most advanced analysis software solutions on the market, in addition to equipping the fishing fleet’s purse seiners with its onboard electronic monitoring solution, Satlink SeaTube.

After a testing period that began in 2021, Seychelles is now strengthening its partnership with Satlink as a technology provider until 2026. The authorities will use the Satlink View Manager (SVM) software to analyze the data obtained on board the vessels and generate reports on the composition of the catches, the destination of the bycatch and the fishing zones, among other information.

Fishing is the main contributor to the the Seychelles’ gross domestic product (20 to 30 percent), and the project aims to reduce the potential impact of unregulated activity.

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