R&D for AI Ship Operation

Lean Marine is leading a research and development project to accelerate the technological development, realization and adoption of AI-powered ship operation support technology by ship crew and management. The Via Kaizen project is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, and is being coordinated by CIT Industriell Energi AB.

Lean Marine and Molflow have been collaborating with academics from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg to develop the new AI-powered, semi-autonomous system for planning and executing more energy efficient sea voyages since the project commenced in August 2020.

Lean Marine’s FuelOpt and Fleet Analytics technology and Molflow’s Slipstream technology enable a higher degree of digitalization and automation in vessel operations. The “on top” propulsion automation system FuelOpt optimizes the propulsion line dynamically, in real time, based on orders given by the AI system that has been developed for the Via Kaizen project.

In addition, the FuelOpt system gathers data from the AI system and other signals on board. The vast amount of vessel data collected are then fed into Lean Marine’s cloud-based performance management platform Fleet Analytics, where it will be shared with Molflow’s vessel modeling system, Slipstream.

Learn more at: www.leanmarine.com.

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