Picotech Launches Small Integrated Multibeam Echosounder

Picotech has launched the PicoMB130 Surf, the world’s smallest integrated multibeam echosounder, delivering superior quality survey data from an ultracompact unit.

The PicoMB-130 features:

 Integrated multibeam echosounder, Applanix POS MV GNSS+IMU, and SVS with optional
acquisition PC, and autopilot, in the smallest form factor.
 Rugged fully overmolded digital transducers immune to galvanic corrosion.
 Ultralow power consumption for long endurance on LiPos. 
 May be pole mounted or installed on one-person-portable USVs, including the PicoCAT.
 256 beams, 300 to 400 kHz, 1.4° beam width across track and along track.
 Large SWAP and drag savings over our outgoing PicoMB-120.

The PicoMB130 is launched alongside Picotech’s brand new USV, the PicoCAT. PicoCAT features an
open-source autopilot and uses COTS RC with telemetry and audible alerts for RSSI, vehicle and
payload battery consumption and switch warnings to make surveying easier. PicoCAT with PicoPOD
provides a turnkey multibeam package for autonomous multibeam surveys, with up to 13 hr.
endurance on one set of LiPos.

The PicoMB130 is suitable for applications including marine engineering, site inspection,
environmental monitoring, site clearance and underwater science, as well as hydrographic surveying.

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