Optiwise: EU Project for Wind-Supported Vessels

MARIN has successfully initiated Optiwise, an EU-funded research and innovation project aiming to improve and demonstrate energy savings using wind propulsion and hydrodynamic improvements in propulsion.

The Optiwise project will pursue its objectives through close inspection of three operational use cases: a bulk carrier with ANEMOI Rotor Sails, a tanker with AYRO OceanWings and a passenger vessel with Chantiers de l’Atlantique Solid Sail. These cases will provide a relevant sample of the world fleet, such that the methods developed in the project should cover the majority of the seagoing shipping fleet. While the wind propulsion type is preselected for each ship type, the exact implementation and change of the ship design and energy management is fully open to further performance enhancement.

The project will deliver open guidelines for integrated system optimization with wind propulsion and smart measurement and control for best operation. The guidelines will be demonstrated in experimental model tests, bridge simulations and measurements on a full-scale, land-based wind propulsion unit.

For more info, contact: Rogier Eggers (MARIN): r.eggers@marin.nl, or visit: www.marin.nl/en/jips/optiwise.

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