Numerical Modeling of an Offshore Small Floating Platform with Flexible Connections

Specific and simplified model of an offshore small floating platform.

Marine resources, rights and interests have garnered a great deal of attention within the scientific community; an array of different offshore platforms have been developed for target detection and rights protection. Unlike other large platforms, offshore small floating platforms (OSFPs) are characterized by small size, portability, and highly functional design. An OSFP freely floats on the sea, so its movement is deflected by strong waves and currents. There has been little research on the motion response of OSFPs, though it is necessary to adjust the movement of the small platform according to this response.

Although previous studies have extensively investigated the dynamic response of floating platforms, these works have focused on large-sized, hinged, or single floating platforms. There has been no effective method proposed to date for evaluating the wave-induced forces and motion of OSFPs with flexible connections.

This paper describes the forces acting on an OSFP in addition to flexible force, and it provides numerical models thereof. It discusses the physical model tests that were conducted to validate the effectiveness of a numerical model.

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Bingting-Zha_Numerical Modeling_ST-Technical-Papers-2018

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