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Numerical Modeling of an Offshore Small Floating Platform with Flexible Connections

Marine resources, rights and interests have garnered a great deal of attention within the scientific community; an array of different offshore platforms have been developed for target detection and rights protection. Unlike other large platforms, offshore small floating platforms (OSFPs) are characterized by small size, portability, and highly functional design. An OSFP freely floats on the sea, so its movement

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A Multi-Channel Chemical Sensor for Precision Measurement at 4,000 m Depths

Seawater contains various chemical elements that are significant in scientific research. These elements are affected by diverse chemical transport mechanisms including atmosphere, river, hydrothermal and other natural processes. Much research has been conducted on the measurement of chemicals in seawater in which various methods were utilized, and the corresponding measurement instruments were developed. However, some high-precision methods and instruments can

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Development of a Modular and High Maneuverability Micro AUV

With the increasing demand for marine resources, applications of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are becoming more and more extensive. AUVs have a wide range of applications in fisheries farming, marine environmental monitoring, underwater equipment inspection, military reconnaissance, mine clearance and other fields. Different users have different requirements for the functions of AUVs, and development must consider the contradiction between customized

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