New Company Offers ASV Technology and Autonomous Control Systems

The L3 ASV C-Worker 7 autonomous vessel.

L3 Technologies has acquired ASV Global, a USV and autonomous vessel control systems company. The acquisition enhances L3’s spectrum of unmanned maritime capabilities, including integrated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) solutions, future surface combatant unmanned off-board sensors, and integrated unmanned surface and undersea vessel (USV/UUV) operations. The new company will be known as L3 ASV.

Based in Louisiana and the U.K., L3 ASV will deliver surface vessels in a range of sizes, currently from 10 to 42 ft., with proprietary software and control systems and unmanned system autonomy architectures. These capabilities have been demonstrated on multiple vessel types and sizes during more than 1,500 operating days of service. The company’s autonomy systems are consistent with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGs) published by the International Maritime Organization. —L3 Technologies, Inc.

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