Modular USV Designed For Survey Operations

Unmanned Survey Solutions (USS) has designed and built the next-generation accession-class USV for use in nearshore and offshore industries. The unique modular design of the USV allows the vessel to increase its base design length of 3.5 m to a maximum of 5 m for additional payload equipment or power for extended endurance depending on operational requirements.

Built by surveyors for surveyors, the vessel offers stable sea keep conditions, long endurance, high performance and universal payload integration essential for all survey operations. This Marine-I, part-funded European Regional Development Funded (EDRF) project will integrate unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV) capabilities as well as geophysical and hydrographic payloads.

Applications for the USV include: offshore wind farm seabed mapping using geophysical and hydrographic equipment; offshore wind farm turbine inspections using UAVs launched and recovered from the USV; enforcement activities by inshore fisheries and conservation authorities using combined USV and UAV capabilities; environmental mapping of intertidal areas using combined sonar and laser payloads; and large harbor and estuary mapping for port authorities.

The USV will be launched at Ocean Business 2019, to be held April 9-11 in Southampton, U.K. —Unmanned Survey Solutions

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