Man-Portable Multibeam USV

Picotech Ltd. has launched PicoPOD, a turnkey multibeam package for USVs and small survey vessels with a simple mechanical interface. It is supported by industry standard acquisition and processing software and is ideal for use in surveying ports, harbors, tidal barriers, bridge footings, dams and reservoirs.

The PicoPOD system operates to a sounding depth of 240 m and has a maximum swath width of 408 m. Features include: a PicoMB-120 multibeam with integrated Applanix POS MV, Windows 10 IoT embedded PC, Valeport UltraSV, a hydrodynamic enclosure, plus optional extension wings for larger USVs, built-in support for RTK via VRS Now (with user’s subscription), RTK via base station with optional UHF modem, optional mounting points for tracking prisms, and optional LiDAR.

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