Book: International Energy Markets

“International Energy Markets: Understanding Pricing, Policies, and Profits” (second edition) is a practical textbook that contains a toolbox of models, along with institutional, technological, and historical information on oil, coal, gas and electricity (including renewables). It provides managers and supervisors in the power and petroleum fields basic economic skills that will enable them to make better policy decisions relating to energy.

The updated second edition uses updated examples, statistics and models to explore energy policy, economics, institutions and production in a global context. 

The book is designed to enable readers to:
  • Learn the fundamentals needed to make sound economic, business and government policy decisions relating to energy industries.
  • Gain a better understanding of energy markets through economics, mathematical optimization, simulation and forecasting.
  • Obtain historical, institutional, engineering and technical knowledge of energy production, transportation, and transformation.
  • Explore models for understanding and managing energy resources in a global environment.
  • Understand the basics of energy generation.

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