Fendercare Marine Complete the First Ship-to-Ship LNG Transfer

Fendercare Marine successfully complete the first LNG Ship-to-Ship

Fendercare Marine are delighted to announce they’ve successfully completed the very first LNG STS at Skaw in Denmark.

Under the approval of the local port authority, the operation was carried out between LNG vessels of 174,000 m3 and 135,000 m3 and involved gassing up and cooling down the tanks of the receiving vessel and then cargo transfer of approx. 34,000 m3.

Following successful onboard proof tests of the LNG transfer system, Fendercare used their experience and specialist equipment to help manage the boil-off gas (BOG) effectively during the gas up and cool down to ensure the STS operation was conducted safely and swiftly.

Gassing up and cooling down processes via STS are becoming more common as owners and operators look at alternative options to terminals.

As part of the global energy transition to using cleaner and greener sources of power, Fendercare have been conducting LNG STS for over a decade across their network of approved STS locations, the largest in the world, and using their wholly owned LNG Transfer Systems.

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