DYNASIM 4.0 Ship-Maneuvering Software

DYNAFLOW Inc. has released its new and improved ship-maneuvering software DYNASIM Version 4.0, incorporating state-of-the-art models of ship hydrodynamics. It achieves capabilities not found on more expensive stand-alone full-mission simulators.

The software runs on Windows platforms and has a user-friendly interactive graphics interface. The ship simulator employs modular
mathematical models for the various components of the ship (hull, propellers, rudders, thrusters); environmental effects (wind, current, waves); and waterways (bottom, pier walls) to achieve a faithful
mathematical representation of the ship. DYNASIM can also simulate different types of ships, including twin-screw ships and tug boats. These models are based on collective experience resulting from various
hydrodynamics modeling work.

DYNASIM Version 4.0 has a completely new code structure that enables the
simulator to provide more reliable, robust and smooth simulation experiences for the user.

DYNASIM offers three simulation modes: user-controlled, certification maneuver and auto-pilot.

DYNASIM can be used to generate multiple ship tracks to evaluate harbor safety from a system perspective and estimate the likelihood of collision for various types of vessels, traffic densities, effects of navigation channel geometries and environmental conditions. It can also be used for continual training of masters and pilots in making decisions during ship operations to minimize human error, and by naval architects, harbor designers and port managers for structures and waterway design, modification, improvement and implementation of safety measures.

For more information, contact DYNAFLOW at 301-604-3688, info@dynaflow-inc.com or visit www.dynaflow-inc.com.

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