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Free Remote Support for Ops Impacted by Hurricane Laura

Librestream IoT Remote Expert

Librestream, a global provider of augmented worker, remote collaboration and communications solutions, is offering its support to organizations with operations in Louisiana and Texas impacted by Hurricane Laura. Librestream will provide current customers with additional Onsight software licenses at no charge for regions affected by Hurricane Laura. For new customers, Librestream will provide a Remote Expert Accelerator package at no charge. This accelerator package

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DYNASIM 4.0 Ship-Maneuvering Software


DYNAFLOW Inc. has released its new and improved ship-maneuvering software DYNASIM Version 4.0, incorporating state-of-the-art models of ship hydrodynamics. It achieves capabilities not found on more expensive stand-alone full-mission simulators. The software runs on Windows platforms and has a user-friendly interactive graphics interface. The ship simulator employs modularmathematical models for the various components of the ship (hull, propellers, rudders, thrusters);

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