Canada Launches $29 Million Ocean Sustainability Project

By Devin Partida

Microplastics are very tiny pieces of plastic either created intentionally for abrasive purposes or formed from larger pieces of decomposed plastic. They’re small enough to infest natural underwater vegetation or be eaten by wildlife. As such, microplastics pose a significant threat to our oceans and marine conservation efforts.

In the past, microplastics were removed by placing filters in the oceans. However, these filters are inefficient and can’t trap all the debris.

Scientists out of Canada have found a solution. Ocean Supercluster’s Ocean Aware monitors marine life and pollution levels with technology that uses light and lasers to detect particles in the water by their reflections. With this technology integrated into undersea vehicles, researchers can find areas dense with microplastics and remove them immediately, making the process quick and efficient.

To get this project off the ground, Ocean Supercluster will put up $13.74 million, and its partners will invest the other $15.7 million, for a total of $29.44 million. A company out of Boston called Innovasea is leading the Ocean Aware project, which is international in scope. The project, according to Ocean Supercluster CEO Kendra MacDonald, is a game changer. “Ocean Aware…demonstrates the transformational opportunities we have in ocean innovation when we bring partners from across ocean sectors together.”

Funding continues to roll out, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

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