ABS Issues First USV Classification

Saildrone has received the first-ever classification for an autonomous USV from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The Saildrone Voyager, the mid-class vehicle in Saildrone’s rapidly expanding fleet, is the first-ever commercial USV to receive classification. Classification allows the Voyager to operate in the ports and waters of countries that require vessels to be classed by organizations such as ABS.

The Voyager’s payload for coastal ocean mapping operations includes high-resolution MBES and Innomar SBP systems. Its ISR sensor suite includes a smart camera array, digital radar and subsurface passive acoustics.

Saildrone USVs are equipped with a suite of sensors and instruments, enabling them to collect a wide range of ocean data above and below the sea surface. They are primarily powered by wind and solar energy, making Saildrone USVs an environmentally friendly solution for long-duration ocean data missions.

With the classification for the Voyager now in place, Saildrone is expanding data delivery for scientific organizations, government agencies and commercial partners.

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