Yara Marine Launches Route Pilot AI

Yara Marine Technologies has launched Route Pilot AI, a cloud-based AI-powered ship operation support system that utilizes high-frequency data to calculate the most advantageous propulsion settings for upcoming voyages. The AI, which uses digital twin modeling to simulate operational parameters, will enable ship and shore-based personnel to calculate optimal working parameters to lower fuel consumption and realize the most energy-efficient voyage.

Digital twin modeling and the use of AI also enable effective fleet management and improve communication between vessels and shore teams. When using Route Pilot AI, alternative routes can be assessed and compared in its voyage forecast performance system. Shipowners and operators have access to enhanced decision-making as the AI compares a variety of estimated times of arrival and departure and evaluates which vessel in the operator’s fleet would be most suitable for the specific route in question. As a result, it sets smarter, more efficient operational parameters to optimize fuel consumption. These optimized parameters are then carried out by the FuelOpt system, which adjusts propulsion while accounting for changing internal and external surroundings.

Route Pilot AI’s ability to reliably calculate arrival times while optimizing fuel consumption complements just-in-time arrival strategies. The system can be used to calculate virtual arrival times and the actual expected ETA under the forecasted weather conditions with maximum fuel efficiency.

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