New Classed Type Approval for X15 Marine Engine

X15 marine engine

Global power leader Cummins Inc. is excited to announce the new classification of its X15 marine engine. This fuel- and cost-efficient engine will now meet safety standards for ABS-, BV-, RINA-, and DNV-class society certifications. This confirms the X15’s adherence to the stringent safety features requested by the societies, ensuring customers’ peace of mind on the water.

The X15-classed engine will be in full production in late 2022. Initially released for the marine segment in late 2018, the X15 engine has been within the industrial market more than 15 years in the making. It offers some of the strongest torque and performance among its direct competitors. The X15 includes complete engine protection capabilities, fuel sensor, gear pressure, and temperature monitoring as well as digital start/stop functionality.

This easy-to-maintain engine boasts a power range of 450 horsepower – 600 horsepower (336 – 447 kW), offering the highest power density for continuous applications in its category, with a weight of 1724 kg (3800 lbs). Constant-speed auxiliary ratings are available at 50 hz or 60 hz with 507 horsepower (373 kW), with the option to pair with an alternator or Stamford AvK offering.

“Classification society certifications are integral to the safety of the commercial marine industry,” comments Global Marine Product Planning and Management Leader Eric Marini. “As part of our continued investment in the marine market, the X15 is Type Approved under the strictest validation test to meet the safety requirements from class societies. Our team is very proud to bring to market this newly classed X15 engine.”

Since its initial release, the X15 has utilized Cummins’ XPI fuel system product, resulting in an efficient fuel burn for clean emissions and optimized fuel economy and ensuring compliance with IMO Tier 2 and EPA Tier 3 emissions standards. Now available to pair with Cummins’ PrevenTech Marine solution – an integrated digital solution for end-to-end equipment health management to boost uptime, reduce costs, and ensure peace of mind, safety and planning.

Cummins has shipped 2.5 million 15-liter engines across multiple segments to date and is confident in the total reliability of its engines. The X15 marine engine is available with a base warranty of 24 months or 8,000 hours for heavy-duty applications and 24 months or unlimited hours for continuous duty. It is also backed by Cummins’ extensive network of over 9,000 service and dealer locations around the globe.

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