Component-Level Insights into CII Ratings

Swiss marine power company WinGD has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with emissions data specialist Chord X to develop digital solutions focused on sustainability in shipping. Among several areas of development, the partnership aims to bring ship operators component-level insights into Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings.

The collaboration targets providing visibility into how engine performance affects overall vessel operational efficiency as reported under IMO’s upcoming CII regulation. By linking WinGD’s engine diagnostics platform WiDE with Chord X’s vessel emissions analytics solution ecoMax, owners and operators can drill down into their current or projected CII ratings to see whether engine operation can be optimized to improve ratings.

As part of the partnership, WinGD customers will be able to access both WiDE and ecoMax platforms. Users will be able to move between the two platforms with a single click, enabling simple and fast comparison of vessel- and engine-level emissions performance.

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