WAYFINDER Doppler Velocity Log From Teledyne RDI

Weighing in at just .5 kg in water, the Wayfinder DVL is about to change everything. Historically, the awesome navigational power of DVLs has been reserved for larger vehicles and larger budgets. Now, with Teledyne RDI’s Wayfinder, this right-sized and right-priced technology offers the next generation of micro ROV and AUV manufacturers, users, and hobbyists the many clear advantages and significantly increased capability that only a DVL can provide.

Wayfinder delivers…

  • Pocket-sized packaging
  • Precise performance
  • Affordable price
  • Proven reliability
  • Ease of integration & operation                                             

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So what can a Wayfinder DVL do for you?

Reduce Costs

  • Track your position without the added expense and complexity of a Ultra Shor​t Baseline (USBL) system
  • Know your vehicle altitude without the cost and added payload of an altimeter

Improve Productivity

  • Navigate safely, even in turbid and deep water
  • Find and retrieve deployed objects more efficiently

Create Better Maps and Visuals

  • Support flexible mission objectives from subsea cameras and videography to seabed mapping
  • Record locations where images/photos were taken

Easily Integrate onto Your ROV

  • Save valuable time and money with our easy-to-install DVL and fully online documentation and support

Reduce Complexity When Piloting

  • Hover and station keep your ROV with confidence
  • Mark waypoints or sites for later return

Teledyne’s Shopify portal contains full product details, documentation, and integration support – as well as the ability to purchase online. Check it out today!

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