Nov. 9: Meet Washington Maritime Blue’s Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator Second Cohort

Washington Maritime Blue’s Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator (TMII), a program dedicated to contributing innovation and economic growth within the South Sound, has welcomed five companies and one community member into the Second Wave Cohort.

A meet-and-greet event will be held at the Center for Urban Waters on Wednesday, November 9 from 4 to 6 p.m. PDT.

Link for registration can be found here.

The Second Wave of TMII will obtain mentorship, networking and programming opportunities to help business operations scale. In addition, the Second Wave will also obtain access to the Maritime Blue ecosystem, which includes advisers and mentors worldwide. After the one-year program, the companies will participate in a live pitch event, which will be held in Tacoma.

The Tacoma Maritime Innovation Incubator Second Wave Cohort, 2022 to 2023, comprises:

Air Mobility (Tacoma, Washington): Creating more sustainable, planet-friendly modes of transportation in the water, air and land. Its bladeless technology powers propulsion and advanced mobility systems.

Homeostasis (Tacoma, Washington): A CO2 removal and utilization (CDRU) startup aiming to pull CO2 from the atmosphere and generate raw materials for industrial applications. Its pipeline couples mineralization with electrochemistry to capture and break CO2 down into elemental carbon and O2. Its products are graphite, carbon black, pure O2, pure CO2 and CO2 removal credits.

Innovat8social (Mountain View, California): Creates and empowers new problem solvers and social entrepreneurs through content (books and media) and through a hackathon-style event series called Impactathons.

Kara Technology (Greater Angers, France): Created in 2016, comprising 10 collaborators, including two Ph.D. students in AI and several engineers from Europe based in France. Specializes in touchscreens, software and boating assistance to help clients detect, diagnose, alert, communicate and fix issues.

WhyGrene (Seattle, Washington): Accelerates the sustainable energy transition by helping utilities connect better with their customers to go green. Its Virtual Power Plants enable utilities to buy and sell power with customers who have solar, wind, batteries, EVs and smart thermostats to balance the supply and demand of energy. Users make money as Virtual Power Plants that provide valuable grid services to help utilities provide reliable and affordable clean energy.

The Second Wave Community Member is:

Terrestrious (University Place, Washington): Crowdsourcing ideas and resources to fight and end environmental problems such as climate change through social media.

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