VideoRay to Release the Defender at Oceanology International

VideoRay Pro 4 (Photo credit: Christian Skauge)

VideoRay, the leading manufacturer of portable observation-class ROVs in the world, will be attending Oceanology International Mar. 13 to 18 in London, where the company is launching its new mission specialist series (MSS) technology and the primary configuration: the Defender. MSS vehicles use modular components, providing customers unrivalled flexibility and reliability for their underwater missions. Larger and more advanced than the VideoRay Pro 4, the Defender configuration is designed for greater control of the vehicle position, heavier payloads and demanding intervention.

VideoRay has been developing mission specialist technology for several years now—as the next evolution of ROV technology.

“By using identical modules in different ways for different missions, we can provide both optimized solutions and benefit from the many advantages of modular design,” VideoRay CEO Scott Bentley said.

Each MSS module—including thrusters, communications, power, cameras, sensors and tools—is being manufactured in large quantities by both VideoRay and the leading vendors in the industry.  This economy of scale, and distribution of research and development cost across many configurations, yields the best performance, reliability and flexibility for MSS configurations across a wide range of mission requirements. Spare parts availability is expanded and repair speed is improved, making MSS vehicle’s reliability and uptime inherently higher than competitors’ offerings.  MSS vehicles have been delivered in many markets on a global scale, including oil and gas, aquaculture, research, defense and port security.

VideoRay’s booth will feature product demonstrations and presentations throughout the week, including the Defender and Pro 4. Stop by during the show for giveaways and a sneak peek at new MSS configurations VideoRay has planned for future release.

Source: VideoRay LLC, USA

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