Global Shipbuilder Announces New Supply Partner

VG140SD Gyrostabilizer

VEEM Marine are proud to partner with Singapore-based shipbuilder Strategic Marine in the launch of their new Aluminium 42m Gen 4 Fast Crew Boat (FCB) developed in collaboration with Southerly Designs.

Under the agreement, VEEM Marine will supply their class-leading VG140SD Gyrostabilizer for installation on the Gen 4 FCB, which will significantly reduce the vessel’s rolling motion by up to 80%, increasing safety and efficiency during personnel transfer and cargo operations. The gyro, when coupled with a motion-compensated gangway, enhances the level of safety for personnel transfers to an offshore installation and will maximize operability.

The delivery of the vessel, scheduled for the end of Q1 2023, is particularly relevant for the aging Southeast Asian crew boat fleet that is primed for renewal in an industry that is continually looking for safer and more cost-effective solutions to personnel transfer vis-à-vis helicopters.

“We are proud to be working with a number of industry leaders that recognize that the most efficient hull form is a mono-hull vessel, which can produce excellent operational results when combined with a VEEM Marine gyrostabilizer. In particular, we look forward to working with Strategic Marine in a joint marketing effort and conducting demonstration trials,” commented Global Commercial Manager, Mr. Brett Silich.

“Together we will prove to the industry that with the use of gyrostabilizers there is no location where helicopters cannot be displaced for more cost-effective and flexible vessel solutions,” said Mr. Silich.

Mr. Hans Randklev, Strategic’s general manager, commercial commented, “This latest order further cements Strategic Marine’s ambition to be an innovative and leading builder of Fast Crew Boats & Crew Transfer Vessel for the global energy industry. Just as with other areas of this vessel design and optimization, the installation of the VEEM Marine gyrostabilizer will enable our customers to achieve industry-leading operational uptime without having to compromise fuel efficiency, comfort or safety.”

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